Virtual Tour

The First Hole

On The Road

Hole 1 Kahkwa - Featured

Straight-away 381 yard, par 4 opening hole where fairway is bracketed by bunkers leading to a back-to-front sloping green.

The Second Hole

Sun Rise

Hole 2 Kahkwa - Featured

Short par 4 only 317 yards, uphill tee shot leaves a short iron into green with severe slope on right side.

The Third Hole


Hole 3 Kahkwa - Featured

171-yard par 3 over water with a two-tiered green.

The Fourth Hole

Gentle Bend

Hole 4 Kahkwa - Featured

Slight dogleg left par 4, 442 yards, a sand trap frames the outside corner of fairway leading to a slightly elevated and relatively flat green.

The Fifth Hole

Vintage Ross

Hole 5 Kahkwa - Featured

376-yard dogleg left par 4, features a challenging drive followed by an uphill approach shot into a subtle, tricky green.

The Sixth Hole

Palmer Woods

Hole 6 Kahkwa - Featured

Straight-away par 4, 435 yards where elevation changes give an uphill tee shot and downhill second into a deceptively difficult putting green.

The Seventh Hole

The Monster

Hole 7 Kahkwa - Featured

Kahkwa’s number one handicap hole fits its name, dogleg right 445-yard par 4 with an extremely challenging green.

The Eighth Hole

Cathedral Pines

Hole 8 Kahkwa - Featured

A shorter par 5, only 476 yards, slight dogleg right with a large relatively flat green that features subtle, difficult-to-read breaks.

The Ninth Hole

The Green Bowl

Hole 9 Kahkwa - Featured

Par 4, 389 yards, tee shot into or over hill leaves mid-short iron approach into a large, bowl-shaped green with false front.

The Tenth Hole

C'est Magnifique

Hole 10 Kahkwa - Featured

Back nine begins with a challenging, straight-away 412 yard, par 4 featuring a large, severely sloping, back-to-front green.

The Eleventh Hole


Hole 11 Kahkwa - Featured

167 yard, par 3, green is protected by two deep bunkers on right and severe slope into woods on left.

The Twelfth Hole

Long Tom

Hole 12 Kahkwa - Featured

Tee shot on this 519 yard, par 5 has woods on both sides, a gully before green often leaves blind uphill third shot.

The Thirteenth Hole

School House

Hole 13 Kahkwa - Featured

Sharp dogleg left, 384-yard par 4 features mid-short iron approach into sloping green where shots landing on front 1/3 of green roll back off.

The Fourteenth Hole

The Alps

Hole 14 Kahkwa - Featured

Elevation changes mark this beautiful 464-yard par 5 which finishes with a large, back-to-front and left-to-right sloping green.

The Fifteenth Hole

Valley of Hope

Hole 15 Kahkwa - Featured

Long par 3 can stretch to 245 yards, tee shot over gully into large green with multiple breaks, where two putts can be a winner.

The Sixteenth Hole

The Elbow

Hole 16 Kahkwa - Featured

Only 342 yards, this short dogleg left par 4 leaves a downhill approach shot into a tricky green with front sloping away and back bisected by a mound.

The Seventeenth Hole

Ross' Green Enigma

Hole 17 Kahkwa - Featured

Straight-away 379 yard, par 4 where tee shot must avoid fairway bunkers leaving a second shot into a bowl-shaped green with run-offs on three sides.

The Eighteenth Hole

Sun Set

Hole 18 Kahkwa - Featured

369 yard, par 4 finishing hole features an approach shot typically from a slight uphill lie into an elevated, two-tiered green sloping from back-left to front-right