Club Rules

Dress Code

Please be advised that Club Members are always responsible for their guests’ conduct and mode of dress. All guests must be escorted by a Member unless prior arrangements have been made with the General Manager.

Complete details of the dress code are listed below:

General Clubhouse

  • Permitted: Loafers, dress sandals, casual shirts with collars. Denim jeans without tears, holes or embellishments. Collared shirts, slacks, sneakers, and knee-length shorts.
  • Not permitted: Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics. Flip flops, golf shoes, tank tops, tube tops, low cut shirts, mesh shirts, and halter tops; gym shorts, coaching shorts, cut-offs, running, biking, camp shorts, spandex shorts, carpenter pants, coveralls, overalls, painting pants, and shorts more than 5” above the knee. Torn and tattered jeans. Denim jeans with tears, holes or embellishments. Denim shorts. No swim attire is allowed in the Clubhouse. Swim attire is defined as swimsuits, coverups, cutoffs, gym shorts, etc.
  • Hats and visors are not to be worn in the Clubhouse when seated for service.
  • Dining Rooms/Meeting Rooms: Smart casual attire is required at all times. Business attire is always welcome.
  • Appropriate dress is mandatory at all times in The Club.

Golf Dress Code (golf course, practices ranges, and practice putting greens)

  • For men: Collared shirts, slacks, Bermuda shorts not more than two inches above the knee are appropriate. Shirt tails are to be tucked in at all times. All hats must be worn bill forward at all times. Cargo shorts, denim, short sleeve mock turtleneck, T-shirts, joggers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, gym shorts are considered inappropriate and are not permitted.
  • For women: Appropriate tops, slacks, Bermuda shorts, and golf skirts that are at least mid-thigh in length are appropriate for women. Sleeveless tops are permitted provided they have a collar and conversely, any top worn without a collar must have sleeves. Tights or leggings are permitted only if worn under a skort or shorts. Denim, Leggings, and athletic apparel that are designed as gym wear, i.e. yoga pants, spandex, racerback tank tops, etc. are not appropriate attire for golf. All hats must be worn bill forward at all times.
  • Halter-tops, cutoffs, sweatpants, tennis shorts, bathing suits, cargo shorts and jeans are not appropriate attire.

Tennis Dress Code (tennis courts and pickleball courts)

  • Regulation non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.
  • Men and boys must wear a collared or tennis approved shirt along with appropriate tennis pants or shorts. No tank tops or t-shirts.
  • Women and girls must wear appropriate attire such as tennis shirts, skirts, dresses, and tennis shorts or pants.
  • No t-shirts, gym shorts, beach shorts, cut-off shorts, running shoes, or midriff tops are permitted.

Aquatic Center Dress Code

  • A reminder that The Kahkwa Club Aquatic Center swimming pool area is designated as “family-friendly” and therefore, we ask that you please dress appropriately.
  • Proper swimming attire must be worn at all times by everyone. Cutoffs, gym shorts or thongs are not permitted.
  • Individuals in swimsuits are asked to cover up when they leave the Pool area. Swimmers are not permitted on the golf course, tennis courts, or Clubhouse while in swim attire.

Special Dining Events

  • For holiday or special dining events such as Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch, Summer Celebration, Thanksgiving, Brunch with Santa, Tom & Jerry, and other special events, the attire is suits and sport jackets for men, and dresses or slacks for ladies.
  • All special events will be dress specific and will be outlined with all announcements.