Club Rules

Clubhouse Attire
Smart Casual Dress is permitted throughout the Clubhouse. Smart Casual is defined as "well-fitting, neat and appropriate pieces that are slightly less formal than business casual."

Golf Course Attire
Acceptable attire and footwear must be worn on the golf course, practice ranges and putting greens. For men: suitable length shorts, collared or mock T-neck golf shirts are acceptable. Shirts must be tucked in while on the course or practice areas. For women: suitable length shorts, collared or collarless (no V-neck collarless) golf shirts and sleeveless golf shirts are acceptable.

Baseball caps and visors must be removed when inside the Clubhouse. While outside the Clubhouse, must be worn forward.

Proper decorum is expected from all our Members and Guests. A social and considerate attitude is expected in keeping with the fine tradition of the Club. Rowdyism and uncivil behavior in any form will not be tolerated.

Smoking Policy
There is no smoking permitted on the first floor of the Clubhouse. No smoking on the outdoor patio or Tap Room when food is being served. Smoking is permitted in the Men's Card Room.