The present club was designed by the late C. Paxton Cody and built by the Henry Shenk Company. Donald Ross, fame architect of Pinehurst, was engaged to lay out the links. The first nine holes are now the second nine of the present course. In the early days, as in Scotland, holes were known by names as well as numbers. Among the early golfers at Kahkwa, Number 12 was referred to as "Long Tom"; Number 13, "School House"; Number 14, "The Alps"; Number 3, the traditional "Pond." On completion of the original nine holes, with the help of Theron R. Palmer and others property was acquired east of the entry road so that the present first nine holes could be built. These holes were also laid out by Donald Ross.

If you need your clubs in January, please pick them up before the end of December.  The Kahkwa Golf Shop will be closing on December 31st and reopen March 1st. The Club will be completely closed in January. Please call or stop in the Golf Shop if you need to pick up your clubs.  We are open from 9-5 Wednesday-Sunday. 




Black Tees      6709  Yards      Slope 138      Rating 72.0

 Member Tees 6574  Yards      Slope 137      Rating 71.6

Blue Tees       6299    Yards      Slope 136      Rating 70.9

White Tees    5945     Yards      Slope 132      Rating 69.1

Green Tees    5411     Yards      Slope 124      Rating 66.3



Black Tees      6709  Yards      Slope 141      Rating 78.6

Member Tees 6574   Yards      Slope 139      Rating 78.2

Blue Tees       6299    Yards      Slope 137      Rating 77.4

White Tees    5945     Yards      Slope 133      Rating 75.4

Green Tees    5411     Yards      Slope 129      Rating 72.2




For more information, please call 814.838.1901 or the Pro Shop at 814.833.0288